A Different Business Model. Free.

Our business model is based on a high quality services offer. Everything else is free.

We provide ElectroMagnetic software and solutions. And as we believe in free, open source software, we made the code of all our premium Fast Field Solvers software available at no cost. We complement our free software with high quality services, so you can fully focus on your core activities while you trust our 20+ years of experience in the EM simulation field for providing you comprehensive solutions, with great attention to your requests.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Structures E.M. characterization (C, R, L)
  • Optimization studies
  • Signal integrity
  • Interconnection analysis
  • Support of our Open Source software
  • Training courses on our Fast Solvers software
  • E.M. software customization and development
IC Package model seen in FastModel

Discover our Software. Fast. Accurate. Reliable. Free!

Fully open, fast, accurate, reliable and free forever, no catches. Discover the gold standard.

With literally thousand of active FastFieldSolvers users in the University and in the Industry, we offer a high quality, free alternative to high-priced elecromagnetic software. And under very permissive licenses, both in source and binary format, for Windows and Linux, with no advertising, no in-app purchases. Discover our golden reference field solvers FasterCap, FastCap2 and FastHenry2. Stay tuned with the new upcoming VoxHenry, the ElectroMagnetic Workbench, and enjoy the full-wave simulator FastImp. No black-box algorithms and claims of accuracy you should trust on word, without a real understanding of the limits of the tools you are using: the open source grants you full visibility in the algorithms implemented in the software, how they were implemented, and ultimately gives you the possibility to modify the code base and add your contribution; it also guarantees that there is no hidden spyware.
Fastercap run example

Git Open Source FastHenry2 repository

Open Source

All our software is open source, with very permissive licenses (MIT or LGPL). A high quality, free alternative to high-priced Electromagnetic softwares, while still having the option of reliable support, customization and training services.

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Comb capacitor over a plane

Electromagnetic Solutions

FastFieldSolvers provides ElectroMagnetic solutions: full consulting services with turnkey studies. Saving investments on non-core activities, you can trust us to perform reliabile simulations for you.

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Cited by Thousands

Literally thousand of papers cite FastCap, FastHenry, FasterCap, FastImp and FastFieldsolvers. Simply write any of these keywords in Google Scholar and verify the result!

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