Electromagnetic solutions at your service

Our solutions

Our field solvers are based on industry and research golden reference codes, made available and maintained on multiple platforms. However running reliable E.M. simulations requires specialistic knowledge. We help you achieve good-first-time results, without the need to develop a deep expertise in electromagnetic tools and simulation quirks.
Should you want instead to become proficient in the use of our tools, we can fully train you to get to the top of the learning curve in the fastest time possible, and provide professional support for the software.
And if you need to customize our E.M. software or extend it, we'll be happy to partner with you, and welcome win-win sponsorship of our open source developments.

Our services include:

  • Parasitic extraction (C, R, L), e.g. IC packaging simulation, IC or macroscopic structures simulations, superconductors
  • Optimization studies, e.g. micro-capacitive sensor geometry matching to measurement target range, RFIDs
  • Signal integrity, e.g. multi-chip packages and bondwires
  • Interconnection analysis e.g. high-speed PBC traces for digital signals
  • Support of our Open Source software
  • Training courses on Fast Solvers software
  • E.M. software customization, e.g. EM solver integration in your toolchain or porting to different architectures
  • E.M. software development, for extending the solver capabilities

Simulation. Nulling the complexity.

Designing your model and extracting results.

Performing an electromagnetic simulation is very different from pressing a button. You need results you can trust, and to this goal, you need a clear understanding of the solver process, a good experience in the modeling, and the right skills to avoid the simlulation pitfalls and to know up to which limit your results are valid. Otherwise, you will waste your valuable time running endless simulation cycles, and you'll never be sure of the quality of the output.
We can null this complexity for you: from the correct geometrical modeling of the structure as input to the field solvers, to the actual simulation runs, we can provide you reliable simulation data, freeing you up from the burden to develop the specific skills in-house and to consume your time in setting up the simulation instead of directly putting the results to good use.
Bar with holes simulation

Study. Full turnkey services.

Solutions to your electromagnetic problems.

Simulations can provide you information about the electromagnetic behavior of a structure. But there are situations in which you don't know already what is the right structure for your task. In this case, you need to study different geometries and their characteristics to optimize their function. From fingerprint sensor geometry design, to micro-actuators sensitivity to parameters variations, to integrated inductors optimizations for bioengineering, or any other task in the electromagnetic field, we can assist you with full turn-key studies.
FastFieldSolvers study

Training. Fast learning track.

Get yourself up to speed.

Should you want to be autonomous in using our fast solvers, or in understanting their internals, we can offer you personalized training services. Directly at your premises, or from remote, to one person only or to whole classes, we provide high quality training, with full flexibility in the delivery and in the definition of the contents.
FastFieldSolvers training

Support. Guaranteed assistance.

Catch the best of the two worlds.

The Open Source world is great, especially when compared with the closed, proprietary binary code world; but you may also want the assurance of professional, reliable and quality support - not relying only on a best-effort, community-driven kind of assistance. To this goal, we can provide you commercial grade support for our software. So you get the best of the two worlds.
software distribution

Customization. Adapt the code base.

The ultimate support service.

FasterCap, FastCap2, FastHenry2, FastImp are powerful instruments. However, situations may arise where the standard functionalities they provide could not be sufficient for you. For instance, you may want to interface to the solvers directly from the design tools you use, or you may desire to embed the solver into your proprietary application, or even enhance the solvers with a specific feature you miss. We are ready to listen to your requests, discuss them with you, and happy to modify and customize the code base according to your wishes.
FasterCap custom code