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E.M. Solutions
E.M. Solutions

FastFieldSolvers provides ElectroMagnetic solutions, including support, customization, and consulting services, based on our premium Fast Field Solvers software. With thousand of active FastFieldSolvers users in the University and in the Industry, we offer a high quality, affordable alternative to high-priced E.M. softwares.

Your Advantage
Your Advantage

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of electromagnetics, we help you achieve your goals, providing you fast, accurate and reliable E.M. simulation tools, and all the support, customization and consulting services needed to enable intelligent yet simple qualification by simulation.

Our target is to provide you comprehensive solutions, with great attention to your requests.

Our best reference is our work: FastFieldSolvers is well known for distributing free of charge the Windows versions of the golden reference field solvers FastHenry2 and FastCap2, as well as FastModel, their front-end interface and visualization software.

Should you need to reach the next level, we distribute the Windows and Linux versions of FasterCap, our flagship capacitance field solver, for large-scale accurate capacitance simulations, overcoming the limitations of FastCap2.

We are also at your service for any customization you may require, on FasterCap, FastCap2, FastHenry2, FastModel, or their interfaces.


The High Quality, Affordable Alternative

From PCB Interconnection Modeling to Quantum Computing, the Fast Field Solvers we distribute are extensively used in the industry and the university fields. Literally thousand of papers cite FastCap, FastHenry and FastFieldsolvers. Want to check? Simply write 'FastCap', 'FastHenry' or 'FastFieldSolvers' in Google Scholar and verify the result!

You can also freely access our reference page, listing a rich bibliography of third party papers, categorized per topic. Here you can find a selection of the many applications in which FastFieldSolvers products can help you, a precious additional knowledge base to support your study.


Solving for Millions of panels

on a standard PC with Intel Dual-Core processor and 2G of RAM memory is not an issue for FasterCap, the premium capacitance field solver distributed by FastFieldSolvers. Overcoming the limitations of FastCap2, and able to handle lossy dielectrics, with automatic mesh refinement, error control, and out-of-core capabilities, FasterCap can handle huge geometrical models without resorting to any windowing technique, and therefore preserving the far-away interactions for maximum accuracy.

Out-of-Core capabilities are also greatly enhanced by the recent widespread availability of the new solid-state Hard-Disks with fast access times. Combined with the smart FasterCap algorithms that efficiently serialize the data for sequencial access, big amounts of fast virtual RAM are available for supporting huge simulations.

A full-feature, time-limited licensed demo version of FasterCap is available for your evaluation.
Test it yourself!


FastCap2 and FastHenry2 64 bits
Open Sources on GitHub

The binaries of FastCap2 and FastHenry2, the GUI Windows version of the free field solvers, are now available for 64 bits architectures, with no 32 bits 2Gb / 4Gb memory limit any more. Moreover, thanks to the Git distributed version control system, the source repository includes now the original distribution from M.I.T., the modifications and fixes performed by FastFieldSolvers, and the source code of the Windows porting. Git allows you to easily explore the different branches and see all the changes. The repository also contains the WRCad version of the software, including a FastHenry flavor supporting superconducting materials.

FasterCap and Xic-4 integration

FasterCap is now fully integrated with Whiteley Research Inc. IC Design Software generation 4.
Whiteley Research is developing the XicTools line of integrated circuit design tools for Unix/Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows. These tools are targeted for the design of small and medium scale digital and analog integrated circuits, primarily those using cutting-edge technologies where performance is paramount.

Our field solver FasterCap engines XicTools's accurate 3D parasitic capacitance extraction capabilities, with the powerful Xic-4 as front-end. Check out the Xic-4 user's manual for more details about the embedded usage of FasterCap!

Download now the evaluation version of FasterCap or contact us if you need support, or for any customization request.

Multicore parallel FasterCap

FasterCap 5.5 release core time-critical routines are now completely parallelized, allowing to leverage the full power of multi-core architectures.

FasterCap 2D+3D

With the latest 5.0.2 FasterCap release, the fast capacitance solver is able to address both 3D and 2D native problems. Leveraging on the same powerful core engine used to speed up the 3D solution, FasterCap can now deal with pure 2D problems. This is an handy feature that enables to achieve even faster simulation times where only the cross-section of the structure is of interest, as for instance in traditional transmission lines.

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