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We provide different kind of services that can match all your possible solution needs. For any support request, please contact us explaining with your needs. We are here to help you.


It may be that the feature you really needed is not available yet in the Fast Field Solvers. We are available to evaluate your customization requests to bring the Fast Field Solvers closer to your needs.

Interfacing to Fast Field Solvers

We are aware that different users have different tools for designing their structures, either developed in-house or commercially available. To be able to successfully simulate these structures, you need some kind of interface between your tool and the Fast Solvers file format. We are here to help you get there faster.


To speed up your learning curve, we provide personalized training courses on the software, the technology, and their practical application.


We believe in working together to enable the most effective usage of our tools. You don't need to allocate internal resources to model a specific structure or to run a study: we are here for you. So you can flexibly leverage on our experience.

Please contact us explaining your request. We'll be happy to answer you.



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