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 zero element request in file `induct.c' error

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Sambeet Posted - Sep 03 2020 : 15:14:34
I am trying to find the mutual inductance between a PCB coil and a conductor.But I keep getting the error.
zero element request in file `induct.c' at line 1720
MattAlloc: Couldn't get space. Needed 0

I made the PCB coil using FREECAD part and then used FHPath object to convert it into Freecad.Attached is the code from fasthenry input file.
* FastHenry input file created using FreeCAD's ElectroMagnetic Workbench
* See ht*p://w*, ht*p://w* and ht*p://

.units mm

.default sigma=58000.0 nhinc=1 nwinc=1 rh=2 rw=2

* Nodes
NFHNode x=10.0 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode001 x=10.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode002 x=11.5 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode003 x=11.5 y=0.0 z=2.0
NFHNode004 x=10.0 y=1.0 z=2.0
NFHNode005 x=0.0 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode006 x=0.0 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode007 x=-1.5 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode008 x=-1.5 y=4.0 z=2.0
NFHNode009 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=3.0 z=2.0
NFHNode010 x=0.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode011 x=1.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode012 x=1.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode013 x=1.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode014 x=0.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode015 x=6.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode016 x=7.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode017 x=7.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode018 x=7.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode019 x=6.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode020 x=1.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode021 x=0.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode022 x=0.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode023 x=0.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode024 x=1.0 y=0.0 z=2.0
NFHNode030 x=0.0 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode031 x=0.0 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode032 x=-1.5 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode033 x=-1.5 y=7.0 z=2.0
NFHNode034 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=6.0 z=2.0
NFHNode035 x=9.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode036 x=10.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode037 x=10.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode038 x=10.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode039 x=9.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode040 x=7.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode041 x=6.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode042 x=6.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode043 x=6.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode044 x=7.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode045 x=0.0 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode046 x=0.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode047 x=-1.5 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode048 x=-1.5 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode049 x=0.0 y=9.0 z=2.0
NFHNode050 x=0.0 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode051 x=0.0 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode052 x=-1.5 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode053 x=-1.5 y=5.0 z=2.0
NFHNode054 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=4.0 z=2.0
NFHNode055 x=10.0 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode056 x=10.0 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode057 x=11.5 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode058 x=11.5 y=8.0 z=2.0
NFHNode059 x=10.0 y=9.0 z=2.0
NFHNode060 x=5.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode061 x=6.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode062 x=6.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode063 x=6.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode064 x=5.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode065 x=10.0 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode066 x=10.0 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode067 x=11.5 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode068 x=11.5 y=3.0 z=2.0
NFHNode069 x=10.0 y=4.0 z=2.0
NFHNode070 x=8.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode071 x=9.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode072 x=9.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode073 x=9.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode074 x=8.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode075 x=3.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode076 x=4.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode077 x=4.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode078 x=4.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode079 x=3.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode080 x=4.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode081 x=5.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode082 x=5.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode083 x=5.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode084 x=4.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode085 x=0.0 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode086 x=0.0 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode087 x=-1.5 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode088 x=-1.5 y=6.0 z=2.0
NFHNode089 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=5.0 z=2.0
NFHNode090 x=10.0 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode091 x=10.0 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode092 x=11.5 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode093 x=11.5 y=6.0 z=2.0
NFHNode094 x=10.0 y=7.0 z=2.0
NFHNode095 x=10.0 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode096 x=10.0 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode097 x=11.5 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode098 x=11.5 y=2.0 z=2.0
NFHNode099 x=10.0 y=3.0 z=2.0
NFHNode100 x=5.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode101 x=4.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode102 x=4.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode103 x=4.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode104 x=5.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode105 x=10.0 y=6.0 z=0.0
NFHNode106 x=10.0 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode107 x=11.5 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode108 x=11.5 y=5.0 z=2.0
NFHNode109 x=10.0 y=6.0 z=2.0
NFHNode110 x=0.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode111 x=0.0 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode112 x=-1.5 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode113 x=-1.5 y=1.0 z=2.0
NFHNode114 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=0.0 z=2.0
NFHNode115 x=7.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode116 x=8.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode117 x=8.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode118 x=8.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode119 x=7.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode120 x=1.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode121 x=2.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode122 x=2.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode123 x=2.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode124 x=1.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode125 x=10.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode126 x=10.0 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode127 x=11.5 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode128 x=11.5 y=9.0 z=2.0
NFHNode129 x=10.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode130 x=10.0 y=5.0 z=0.0
NFHNode131 x=10.0 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode132 x=11.5 y=4.0 z=0.0
NFHNode133 x=11.5 y=4.0 z=2.0
NFHNode134 x=10.0 y=5.0 z=2.0
NFHNode135 x=2.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode136 x=3.0 y=10.0 z=0.0
NFHNode137 x=3.0 y=11.5 z=0.0
NFHNode138 x=3.0 y=11.5 z=2.0
NFHNode139 x=2.0 y=10.0 z=2.0
NFHNode140 x=10.0 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode141 x=10.0 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode142 x=11.5 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode143 x=11.5 y=1.0 z=2.0
NFHNode144 x=10.0 y=2.0 z=2.0
NFHNode145 x=0.0 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode146 x=0.0 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode147 x=-1.5 y=9.0 z=0.0
NFHNode148 x=-1.5 y=9.0 z=2.0
NFHNode149 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=8.0 z=2.0
NFHNode150 x=0.0 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode151 x=0.0 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode152 x=-1.5 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode153 x=-1.5 y=8.0 z=2.0
NFHNode154 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=7.0 z=2.0
NFHNode155 x=0.0 y=1.0 z=0.0
NFHNode156 x=0.0 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode157 x=-1.5 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode158 x=-1.5 y=2.0 z=2.0
NFHNode159 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=1.0 z=2.0
NFHNode160 x=8.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode161 x=7.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode162 x=7.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode163 x=7.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode164 x=8.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode165 x=10.0 y=8.0 z=0.0
NFHNode166 x=10.0 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode167 x=11.5 y=7.0 z=0.0
NFHNode168 x=11.5 y=7.0 z=2.0
NFHNode169 x=10.0 y=8.0 z=2.0
NFHNode170 x=0.0 y=2.0 z=0.0
NFHNode171 x=0.0 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode172 x=-1.5 y=3.0 z=0.0
NFHNode173 x=-1.5 y=3.0 z=2.0
NFHNode174 x=4.440892098500626e-16 y=2.0 z=2.0
NFHNode175 x=3.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode176 x=2.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode177 x=2.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode178 x=2.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode179 x=3.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode180 x=2.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode181 x=1.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode182 x=1.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode183 x=1.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode184 x=2.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode185 x=4.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode186 x=3.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode187 x=3.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode188 x=3.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode189 x=4.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode190 x=6.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode191 x=5.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode192 x=5.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode193 x=5.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode194 x=6.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode195 x=9.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode196 x=8.0 y=0.0 z=0.0
NFHNode197 x=8.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode198 x=8.0 y=-1.5 z=2.0
NFHNode199 x=9.0 y=4.440892098500626e-16 z=2.0
NFHNode200 x=5.0 y=5.0 z=-15.0
NFHNode201 x=5.0 y=5.0 z=15.0
NFHNode202 x=5.0 y=5.0 z=9.0
NFHNode203 x=10.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0
NFHNode204 x=9.0 y=-1.5 z=0.0

* Segments
EFHSegment NFHNode202 NFHNode200 w=6.0 h=6.0
EFHSegment001 NFHNode201 NFHNode202 w=10.0 h=6.0
EFHSegment002 NFHNode195 NFHNode204 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHSegment003 NFHNode203 NFHNode001 w=0.2 h=0.2

* Segments from paths
EFHPath0 NFHNode001 NFHNode002 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath1 NFHNode002 NFHNode003 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath2 NFHNode003 NFHNode004 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath3 NFHNode004 NFHNode w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0010 NFHNode006 NFHNode007 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0011 NFHNode007 NFHNode008 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0012 NFHNode008 NFHNode009 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0013 NFHNode009 NFHNode005 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0020 NFHNode011 NFHNode012 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0021 NFHNode012 NFHNode013 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0022 NFHNode013 NFHNode014 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0023 NFHNode014 NFHNode010 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0030 NFHNode016 NFHNode017 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0031 NFHNode017 NFHNode018 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0032 NFHNode018 NFHNode019 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0033 NFHNode019 NFHNode015 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0040 NFHNode021 NFHNode022 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0041 NFHNode022 NFHNode023 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0042 NFHNode023 NFHNode024 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0043 NFHNode024 NFHNode020 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0060 NFHNode031 NFHNode032 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0061 NFHNode032 NFHNode033 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0062 NFHNode033 NFHNode034 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0063 NFHNode034 NFHNode030 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0070 NFHNode036 NFHNode037 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0071 NFHNode037 NFHNode038 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0072 NFHNode038 NFHNode039 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0073 NFHNode039 NFHNode035 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0080 NFHNode041 NFHNode042 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0081 NFHNode042 NFHNode043 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0082 NFHNode043 NFHNode044 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0083 NFHNode044 NFHNode040 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0090 NFHNode046 NFHNode047 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0091 NFHNode047 NFHNode048 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0092 NFHNode048 NFHNode049 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0093 NFHNode049 NFHNode045 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0100 NFHNode051 NFHNode052 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0101 NFHNode052 NFHNode053 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0102 NFHNode053 NFHNode054 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0103 NFHNode054 NFHNode050 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0110 NFHNode056 NFHNode057 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0111 NFHNode057 NFHNode058 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0112 NFHNode058 NFHNode059 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0113 NFHNode059 NFHNode055 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0120 NFHNode061 NFHNode062 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0121 NFHNode062 NFHNode063 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0122 NFHNode063 NFHNode064 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0123 NFHNode064 NFHNode060 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0130 NFHNode066 NFHNode067 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0131 NFHNode067 NFHNode068 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0132 NFHNode068 NFHNode069 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0133 NFHNode069 NFHNode065 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0140 NFHNode071 NFHNode072 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0141 NFHNode072 NFHNode073 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0142 NFHNode073 NFHNode074 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0143 NFHNode074 NFHNode070 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0150 NFHNode076 NFHNode077 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0151 NFHNode077 NFHNode078 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0152 NFHNode078 NFHNode079 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0153 NFHNode079 NFHNode075 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0160 NFHNode081 NFHNode082 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0161 NFHNode082 NFHNode083 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0162 NFHNode083 NFHNode084 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0163 NFHNode084 NFHNode080 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0170 NFHNode086 NFHNode087 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0171 NFHNode087 NFHNode088 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0172 NFHNode088 NFHNode089 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0173 NFHNode089 NFHNode085 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0180 NFHNode091 NFHNode092 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0181 NFHNode092 NFHNode093 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0182 NFHNode093 NFHNode094 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0183 NFHNode094 NFHNode090 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0190 NFHNode096 NFHNode097 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0191 NFHNode097 NFHNode098 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0192 NFHNode098 NFHNode099 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0193 NFHNode099 NFHNode095 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0200 NFHNode101 NFHNode102 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0201 NFHNode102 NFHNode103 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0202 NFHNode103 NFHNode104 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0203 NFHNode104 NFHNode100 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0210 NFHNode106 NFHNode107 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0211 NFHNode107 NFHNode108 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0212 NFHNode108 NFHNode109 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0213 NFHNode109 NFHNode105 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0220 NFHNode111 NFHNode112 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0221 NFHNode112 NFHNode113 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0222 NFHNode113 NFHNode114 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0223 NFHNode114 NFHNode110 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0230 NFHNode116 NFHNode117 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0231 NFHNode117 NFHNode118 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0232 NFHNode118 NFHNode119 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0233 NFHNode119 NFHNode115 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0240 NFHNode121 NFHNode122 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0241 NFHNode122 NFHNode123 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0242 NFHNode123 NFHNode124 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0243 NFHNode124 NFHNode120 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0250 NFHNode126 NFHNode127 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0251 NFHNode127 NFHNode128 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0252 NFHNode128 NFHNode129 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0253 NFHNode129 NFHNode125 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0260 NFHNode131 NFHNode132 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0261 NFHNode132 NFHNode133 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0262 NFHNode133 NFHNode134 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0263 NFHNode134 NFHNode130 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0270 NFHNode136 NFHNode137 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0271 NFHNode137 NFHNode138 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0272 NFHNode138 NFHNode139 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0273 NFHNode139 NFHNode135 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0280 NFHNode141 NFHNode142 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0281 NFHNode142 NFHNode143 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0282 NFHNode143 NFHNode144 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0283 NFHNode144 NFHNode140 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0290 NFHNode146 NFHNode147 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0291 NFHNode147 NFHNode148 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0292 NFHNode148 NFHNode149 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0293 NFHNode149 NFHNode145 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0300 NFHNode151 NFHNode152 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0301 NFHNode152 NFHNode153 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0302 NFHNode153 NFHNode154 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0303 NFHNode154 NFHNode150 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0310 NFHNode156 NFHNode157 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0311 NFHNode157 NFHNode158 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0312 NFHNode158 NFHNode159 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0313 NFHNode159 NFHNode155 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0320 NFHNode161 NFHNode162 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0321 NFHNode162 NFHNode163 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0322 NFHNode163 NFHNode164 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0323 NFHNode164 NFHNode160 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0330 NFHNode166 NFHNode167 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0331 NFHNode167 NFHNode168 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0332 NFHNode168 NFHNode169 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0333 NFHNode169 NFHNode165 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0340 NFHNode171 NFHNode172 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0341 NFHNode172 NFHNode173 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0342 NFHNode173 NFHNode174 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0343 NFHNode174 NFHNode170 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0350 NFHNode176 NFHNode177 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0351 NFHNode177 NFHNode178 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0352 NFHNode178 NFHNode179 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0353 NFHNode179 NFHNode175 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0360 NFHNode181 NFHNode182 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0361 NFHNode182 NFHNode183 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0362 NFHNode183 NFHNode184 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0363 NFHNode184 NFHNode180 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0370 NFHNode186 NFHNode187 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0371 NFHNode187 NFHNode188 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0372 NFHNode188 NFHNode189 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0373 NFHNode189 NFHNode185 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0380 NFHNode191 NFHNode192 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0381 NFHNode192 NFHNode193 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0382 NFHNode193 NFHNode194 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0383 NFHNode194 NFHNode190 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0390 NFHNode196 NFHNode197 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0391 NFHNode197 NFHNode198 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0392 NFHNode198 NFHNode199 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0393 NFHNode199 NFHNode195 w=0.2 h=0.2

* Ports
.external NFHNode203 NFHNode204

.freq fmin=1.0 fmax=1000000000.0 ndec=1.0


Can someone please help in understanding the cause of this error.
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Enrico Posted - Sep 07 2020 : 15:18:44
Hi Sambeet,

you still need to respect FastHenry rules. In particular, the segments are not connected together only because they touch.

In your file you have disconnections, e.g.

* Segments from paths
EFHPath0 NFHNode001 NFHNode002 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath1 NFHNode002 NFHNode003 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath2 NFHNode003 NFHNode004 w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath3 NFHNode004 NFHNode w=0.2 h=0.2
EFHPath0010 NFHNode006 NFHNode007 w=0.2 h=0.2

In this excerpt the
is not connected to any other segment. The paths are therefore not closed. This is not permitted in FastHenry.

Please also note that these two segments

* Segments
EFHSegment NFHNode202 NFHNode200 w=6.0 h=6.0
EFHSegment001 NFHNode201 NFHNode202 w=10.0 h=6.0

are huge w.r.t. the paths. FastHenry will not automatically refine your geometry (except breaking long filaments in shorter segments). If you do not use a more refined / more granular shape the simulation may converge but I would not trust the results.


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